Support - I Can No Longer Attend The Event

If you are not able to attend the event, it is up to you to get your tickets into the hands of another Veteran or Troop. Do not sell your tickets! If you give your tickets to another Veteran/Troop, make it clear to the Vet Tixer you hand these to that they cannot sell them as well. Nothing can be done after tickets have been assigned to you.

Please do your best to get your tickets into the hands of another veteran, when tickets go unused, our donors as well as VetTix sees this and can lead to losing our future donations. Too many unused tickets and your account may be suspended.

You may visit your My Current Requests page to see more details about the current state of the event, including more details on what you can do with your tickets depending on delivery type as well as a possible refund depending on if tickets have already been assigned to you.

If an event is cancelled or you are unable to attend due to inclement weather or any unforseen emergency, your missed attendance will not count against you, granted your reason is valid.





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